Become a Sponsor make a difference

You can make a decisive and lasting difference to the life of one of the girls. Sponsorships are a wonderful way of experiencing the joy of helping a child in need.

Your small help makes aBig Difference in their Lives

Become a PNH Volunteer

The PNH-family would like to welcome you as a volunteer in our home. Volunteering brings people together and fosters cultural understanding. Parizat Nestling Home volunteers don't need to be qualified or have had previous experience. The only qualities that all volunteer needs to possess are compassion for children and a desire to improve the lives of those with domestic or physical circumstances less fortunate than their own. People are often unaware of the impact they can have on another person's life, with even the smallest gesture. Spending as little as one month or more working in Parizat Nestling Home, a volunteer can have a hugely significant and positive impact on the lives of underprivileged children. Volunteering in PNH, you will be working with children of different ages. You will help with a variety of activities such as art, games and songs, and assist us to develop stimulating new ideas to interest young children in learning. Any encouragement you can offer goes a long way towards building a child's self esteem and confidence. As a volunteer working with children in PNH, you would be helping the kids to learn life-skills that parents would normally teach. By getting involved in the day-to-day running of an orphanage - making sure the girls do their homework, dress nicely, are healthy and clean and paying them personal attention - you will be making a really positive impact on their lives. There is always scope for any talents or interests you may have to be utilised. Arts & Crafts or Music are always popular activities as well as sports and games. Many volunteers also help to educate the children in personal hygiene and social skills. Opportunities exist to be more involved on the 'teaching' side. You can spend your afternoons or evenings helping the girls with their homework on their return from school, or if you have the relevant skills you can administer first aid to any children in need. We do have our own Professional Vocational Training Center, as a part of our women empowerment program. We give training to underprivileged women in sewing, beautician and cosmetology. You may also work as a volunteer-Trainer in our Training Center, if you are qualified. Soon we will open a pre-primary school as well and would highly welcome you to help and work there. Your suggestion to run pre primary school is highly accepted. At the moment the children all leave home around 9am and come back around 4pm, but after opening the new section children will be here all day, that means a lot more times to spend with the children. The work volunteers do can be challenging at times but the strength and ability to cope with life of the children will inspire you to continue.

How can I Help?

  • Give language classes to the girls, preferably in your mother tongue
  • Help with the homework
  • Help in the household
  • Give Computer-lessons
  • Give them instrumental lessons (we do have a Guitar, a Keyboard, drums and recorders available here)
  • Give them cooking lesson – it depends on you.
  • Work as a trainer in our PVTC (Professional Vocational Training Center), where we provide sewing and beautician and cosmetology and training to underprivilege women.
  • Our computer Lab. Provides basic and advance training to the youth who need to get employment.
  • Do a trip with some of the girls during vacation
  • Do sports or exercises with them
  • Play games with them
  • Teach them arts and crafts
  • Work on and improve our website
  • Help us with international fund raising
  • Help them to improve their everyday life

Beside those tasks, please feel free to find your own task, be creative and motivated and you will easily find something which you and the girls will enjoy and can learn each other.

What Skills Are We Looking For?

  • Teachers
  • Tailors
  • Technicians
  • Electricians
  • Musicians (we do have a Guitar, a Keyboard, drums and recorders available here for lessons)
  • Web Designers
  • Cosmetologists
  • Beauticians
  • Skills in any kind of art or craft
  • Sport teachers

What are some of the Don'ts?

Please do not use your cell phone to girl's relative, it may make trouble sometimes and face a difficult moment.

Please try to hear them and transmit to senior person of the Organization to solve the problem and any problem and their grievances if any.

They may demand something personally, in this case please do not accept this, it may spoil their habit and become more dependent and lazy. You can transmit to senior too

Mostly they ask you to get permission to go outside for instance, excursion, visit or outing. In this case it is necessary to talk with the senior one before giving and doing anything.

If you blindly accept their demand and requisition it may keep you in trouble and annoyed with seniors.

Do not keep anything secret between administration and girls about their request, complain, grievances, criticise, quarrel ; etc/

What are the Sections for Volunteering?

Children's sector
Health Care and growth
Evaluation and strengthening of psychological and physical condition of the girls
Behaviour approach and attitude during the growing state
Methodological learning

Home's sector
Food management
Hygiene management
Clean and sanitary management
Gardening and flowery culture
House management
kitchen and its cleanliness
Residential responsibility

Institutional 's sector
Home management
Public relations and publicity
Project management
Outdoor activity plus excursion
To link with other NGO , INGO and stake holder

Project's sector
Documentation on impact and achievement on project and training
Research on child behaviour on growing state
Benefit and achievement
the outlook of the new project
The approach to sustain

Lodging & Other Informations

At the moment we can provide lodging for 2 female volunteers at a time but since we are a girls home, we can not allow boys to live here, nevertheless we heartily welcome to boys to volunteer in PNH less they have to make arrangement for the lodging themselves. Though, we can find out the Guesthouse or Home stay if needed. You will find more information and reports from former and current volunteers on our webpage:

So whether you are on your holidays, a gap year or a career break you will have a role to play. To volunteer in PNH will make a difference to the lives of not only the children and the many other people you meet along the way but also to your own life and views.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our director Mr Moktan:

Looking forward to welcoming you at PNH,
The PNH-family

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